About MOA

MSI Master Overclocking Arena (MOA), the global competition reaching its seventh annual event that has set a class of global overclocking masters; and an attraction for them to come and compete at the sacred battleground. Not only the fierce competitions from regional qualifiers to global championship repeatedly entice apex overclockers to participate this great event, but also the worldwide media is keen to partake and broadcast this contest. In continuity of the 3 new overclocking world records that were broken on the same day in 2013, MSI looks forward to the players at MOA this year will surpass limitations and break new worlds again.

Besides the top-quality weapons that MOA prepares with MSI mainboards and graphics cards for overclocking, there are also good partners of MSI that have sponsored other great arsenals for overclocking, such as: CPU, Memory, Power Supply Unit, Solid State Drive, etc; LN2 (Liquid nitrogen, minus 196 degrees centigrade), the coolant for the overclocking platform will be provided at the event. Players can utilize all the top-notch computer software and hardware given to them to combine with their exceptional overclocking skills to challenge and break new world overclocking records- rewrite history records and be an international MOA champ.

In 2014, MSI would like to express the symbol “OC” to represent MOA extreme spirit. MSI will cooperate with HWBOT(the renowned overclocking website) to launch online competitions. This event will arouse overclockers and stipulate their nerves to once again ignite the MOA battlefield. If you are overclocking enthusiasts, do not miss out to participant this glamorous and grand overclocking contest.